About Me

I am Dimitris D. Gotsis. Born in Chicago, IL and raised in the city of Athens, Greece. My second oldest memory is removing the training wheels of my bicycle and doing endless rounds in the balcony. This simple transformation evolved into a ceaseless fascination with bicycles, motorbikes, and anything quirky with a wheel on it. I am a native English and Greek speaker, and I have studied French, Italian and some very basic Spanish. I confess to attempting different dialects and cryptolects, resulting often to self-jesting. It also results in better communication between colleagues on the set, a sense of understanding and responsiveness, and a dutiful bond amidst the team. Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to have logged thousands of road miles in many wonderful cities around the world, collecting imagery, discovering unique stories while working with some very special individuals, observing different cultures and their sub-cultured elements. After every production, I take the time to reflect on my own experiences; recognize mistakes and illuminate triumphs to allow for new ones to take place. I find true pleasure from this line of work, which consequently finds a path into my vision. It enriches my direction, it guides my talent, and it benefits my client. 

Upon completing my mandatory army draft in 2001, my studies begun at CUNY as a Communications major, which fatefully led me to a degree in Broadcasting Production back in sweet home Chicago. I hold a strong 10-year background in the IT industry, where I learned to approach my work in a very practical manner. This technical experience has aided me greatly; enabling me to think progressively, to act methodically in productions where time is restricted and problem-solving is elemental. By carrying this expansive level of technical knowledge, I earned a deeply rooted understanding on how technology has to intrinsically serve the world, and not the opposite.

From a very young age I held my fervid passion for photography and video, until I allowed my instincts and creativity to lead me where I belonged all along. I have gained valuable work experience since ‘Day 1’ on the field, starting as a cable-running intern on a live NBC national broadcast, running tapes and sweepers at a local Chicago radio station, to collecting production assistant credits along the years, advancing through different production roles,


such as 1st AC, 1st AD, Technical Director, and Director with experience in multi-crew live events, in-studio and field productions. My training and work experience is concentrated in broadcasting workflows, however I have always enjoyed narrative work and have never turned down the opportunity for film-crew dailies, indie-features, or strictly editing work. 

Having served the South Florida community while residing in the city of Miami, I produced content that includes TV commercials, corporate, non-profit, international brands, entertainment shows, the marine industry, and the academic sector. As I am acclimating into the Greek market, I welcome collaborations with storytellers, production teams, local or European organizations, and seek like-minded people.

For a list of my production gear for hire, consultations, or contracted work inquiries, you can contact me here.

I would like to share a few shameless selfies and some personal BTS stills. Thank you for your time and interest!